Pigeon Pea / Tur

“Dal” is a dish synonymous with Indian cuisine. Whether it is in Punjab, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu or Assam, it is a quintessential element that makes for rich nutrients as well as taste. Pigeon Pea/Tur is one of the most commonly used Pulses for making “dal”. Customers of Kunvarji access Pigeon peas that are rich in nutrients and deliver the perfect taste.

Chic Pea / Chana

Chana is one of the most important pulses when it comes to Indian cuisine as it is the base for Besan flour, an omnipresent occurrence in dried snacks and several dishes, especially in the state of Gujarat. Kunvarji is a trusted supplier of this variety of pulses and has established itself as a benchmark when it comes to quality and retaining nutritional value.

Green Mung Bean / Mung

Mung is arguably India’s most used variety of pulses because of its presence in not only dal (lentil preparations) but also in Khichdi, a simple dish that is eaten across the country. A rich source of protein, mung is a preferred choice for a variety of purposes. With Kunvarji, avail the best nutritional grains of Green Mung Bean

Kidney Bean / Rajma

Kidney beans are an excellent plant-based source of protein. They are also rich in various minerals, vitamins, fibres, antioxidants, and other unique plant compounds. Kunvarji’s offerings in Rajma assure quality while retaining nutritional values and taste.

Kabuli Chana

Kabuli Chana or Chhole are a staple diet across many cultures in India, especially in the North. These peas are light and provide several health benefits that include a high amount of protein. Kunvarji is a trusted name in the Indian commodities market when it comes to Kabuli chana.