Spices are an integral part of global cuisine. Not only do they add a unique dimension to any dish in terms of aroma and taste but have several health benefits as well. Spices are an excellent source for micro nutrients. At Kunvarji, We provide our customers with a range of spices like Cumin, Chilli, Coriander, Fenugreek and Fennel


Rice is the staple food for the majority of the world population. India being the biggest exporter of rice in the world, it is a natural choice for us to include in our basket. India enjoys a unique mix of giant volume and advanced processing skills and hence is a natural choice as a supplier to the world.


Sugar is one of the largest traded commodity in the world which forms the primary ingredient in almost all meals. India is one of the largest producers of Sugar in the world, competing for the first place more often than not.


India is by far the largest producer and consumer of most of the pulses in the world. Pulses are one of the primary sources of protein for most of the consumers in India and hence is invariably part of every meal. Trade basket includes Chic pea, Green Mung Beans, Pigeon pea and Kidney beans among others.

Animal feeds

India naturally enjoys an advantage for animal feed sources for the world owing to its abundant agricultural produce. India supplies various feeds developed from Soya, Mustard, Guar, Maize, Rice, Cotton etc. in various forms as desired by the markets of the world.