India is biggest exporter of Basmati rice in the world. Primary varieties include 1121 and Pusa among others. We work with major resellers in the Gulf and East Africa for maintaining their supply chains in their customized brands and packing.

Non Basmati

India boasts of processing expertise in addition to scale of production of non-basmati rice in the world. Non-basmati rice is typically processed in raw, polished, parboiled and brown. The non-basmati range is based on multiple varieties typically categorized on the size of the grain. Most popular Indian non-basmati varities include IR64, IR8, PR11 etc. We offer most of the varieties under customized packaging and branding.

100% Broken

Broken Rice has its usage spanning human food as well as animal feed. Prepared in Raw white as well as Parboiled, its usage has seen an upswing in recent times. We offer polished and processed broken rice with high quality standards in customized packaging and brands.