Cumin is integral to major cuisines of the world because of its aromatic and digestive qualities. India is the major producer in the world with Unjha, Gujarat being the biggest produce market. Primarily Cumin is processed and sold with specifications of Singapore 1% grade and Europe 1% Grade.


Red Chillies are one the biggest spice exported from India and savoured around the world due to its unique qualities like Colour, Pungency and flavour. India produces many varieties of chilles, but most preferred ones are Teja (S17), Sanam (S4), Byadgi, S12, S14, S10, 341 etc. Chillies are offered with Stem, Stem Cut and Stemless.


Coriander is one of the dominant spice used specifically for its aroma. India is the largest producer of this spice, also the biggest consumer, in the world with varied verities connected to its colour. India is also the largest consumer of this spice as it forms the base for all blended spices. We offer different varieties of whole and splits based on size and colour.


One of the unique spices which is local to India and popular across the world for its health benefits. Though bitter in taste, Fenugreek is widely used for its health benefits and dietary cuisines. We offer all varieties of Fenugreek in customized packaging solutions.


Fennel is widely used across the world for its unique aroma and digestive benefits. In addition to this it is also popular for its colour and cooling effect. Primarily used as digestive and mouth freshner, it is also used for medicinal purpose. Indian Fennel is quite popular across the world and Unjha, Gujarat is the major producing market. We offer full range of fennel seeds.